Monday, May 24, 2010

Abe and Linsday Wonderful Wedding

This past weekend the Hodges/Garcia family celebrated the wedding of Abe (Sally's brother) to Lindsay Holmes (now Hodges!). The wedding celebration kicked off on Wednesday night when Justin, Stan, l traveled to my parents so we could all car pool together to Franklin TN. Thursday morning after loading up two cars we set off for Franklin. The drive was not that bad...well, that could have been because Justin drove the whole way and Stan and I watched a movie. Thanks Justin!!

After arriving in Franklin we went right to the rehearsal dinner venue to make sure everything was set for the rehearsal dinner. We encountered a few bumps in the road but all was taken care of before the dinner. Back to Thursday...after leaving the venue we went to the hotel to unload. Abe and I went and did a little last minute shopping then the whole Hodges/Garcia clan went to dinner. After a few missed turns and a brief detour through a car dealership (just another Hodges family outing) we finally made it to our destination to only find out that the restaurant we picked for more formal than we thought (and some of us were wearing shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops). We changed our plans and found another restaurant. After dinner we met up with Lindsay family for dessert and had a good time visiting with them.

On Friday we slept in a little and ran a few last minute errands before the BIG DAY. We had to be at the church at 5 but the Hodges/Garcia family was early. Now the Garcia family is always early, but this was a major accomplishment for the Hodges family. After running through the ceremony a few times, we all had it down, so we headed to the Old Natchez Country Club for dinner. The dinner was great. Many of Abe and Lindsay friends and family had lots of loving things to say about them. It was very sweet. After dinner the girls went and showered Lindsay with a few more gifts and the guys played basketball.

Saturday was a very busy day. It started out with an hair appointment at 9:00, Bridal Brunch at 10:30, followed by "getting dressed" pictures at the church at 12:00, then off to a beautiful park for wedding pictures then back to the church for family pictures. It was very busy but also very fun. The wedding ceremony was perfect. Lindsay was beautiful!!!! After the ceremony we made our way to the reception. There was lots of delicious food and cake. Everything was decorated wonderfully. After eating too much and visiting with lots friends and family it was time for Abe and Lindsay to leave for their honeymoon to Montego Bay. I almost forgot one of the cutest things - they had a photo booth at the wedding. Guest would get their picture taken and then use one of the pictures and create a scrapbook page for Abe and Lindsay. It was really fun.

After Abe and Lindsay left and everything was packed and cleaned up we went back to out hotel for some relaxing time at the pool with our family friends, then back to the room for more hang out time.
Please enjoy the pictures.