Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I wanted to post something about Christmas before today but it just didn't happen. So better late than never. This year for Christmas Justin and I went to my parents in Winona MS. We had a house full the whole time. On Christmas day Justin's sister ( Adri) brother-in-law (Justin) and Mom came to my parents along with one of my grandmothers and Aunts and her family. It was a great day. Santa was very good to both of us.
This year Abe was not able to come home the day of Christmas but he and Lindsay did come the week before so we were able to celebrate with them. On Sunday we went to my grandparents and took the only other picture of the holiday.

We all had crowns from a prize popper. Notice that Jack has his own cone!!

These are the only pictures that was taken during the whole Christmas break. I know that its sad.
I did take a few pictures of our house, I hope you enjoy!! Last year we moved into our house a month before Christmas we did some decorating but this year I was able to do a little more.

I didn't have a card holder so I made one. I just used ribbons and attached the cards to the ribbons.

We are very excited about having another week off of work and are planning to rest, reorganize and get ready for the new year. We hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jack's Recovery

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jack is doing great. We picked him up on Saturday December 19th. He has a very long incision on his tummy. He has to wear a cone around his neck so he will not bite at or scratch his tummy. You can't tell in the picture but he has a shaved tummy, shaved neck and three shaved legs. He is still cute!!! He will get the staples removed on Tuesday the 29th. Jack is running around and wanting to play but we are trying to keep him as calm as possible.

There were no real complications during the surgery so that was great. We are very grateful that everything went as planned and his recovery is going well.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Justin!!!!!!

Today 27 years ago Justin Michael Garcia was born. I just wanted to post something to celebrate Justin on this day. Justin, I hope you have a very special day!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jack is getting better!!!!!!!

This is Jack playing in our front yard.

After months of trying to find a food that would not cause our little puppy to get sick we found out that Jack has a portosystemic shunt, which is also known as a liver shunt. What we thought was a sensitive stomach issue turned out to be something much more complicated. After multiple visits to our local vet and one visits to the Mississippi State Veterinary School it was confirmed that Jack did have a portosystemic shunt. Miniature Schnauzers are one of a few breeds that are more likely to have a liver shunt. Approximately 1% of all Miniature Schnauzers have this condition.

So, what exactly is a portosystemic shunt? A portosystemic shunt is an abnormal vascular connection between the hepatic portal vein (the blood vessel that connects the gastrointestinal tract with the liver) and the systemic circulation Such anomalies cause blood in the gastrointestinal track to be diverted past the liver, thereby limiting the liver's vital functions in metabolism and detoxification of compounds and the body's defenses against intestinally derived pathogens. This effectively exposes the body to toxic by-products of digestion (toxins and bacteria) and mimics the effects of liver failure.
The picture give a clear image as to what the shut looks like.

This morning my dad took Jack to the Mississippi State University Veterinary School to start the process of correct his liver shunt. He will have a CT scan today. This will help the surgeons know exactly where the shunt is. It will also give them a better look as to how the surgery will go. Tomorrow Tuesday December 15th at 9:00am the surgery will take place to close off the shunt. Justin and I are glad to know that we found the cause of Jack sickness and that there is a solution.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Up Dates !!!

Well, I am hoping that this coming year I will be better and up dating our blog. With that said, here is one big up date from the Garcia family. Well Hodges/Garcia family.

At the end of September Abe proposed to Lindsay Holmes on the campus of Mississippipi College in Clinton. Abe and Lindsay came from KY for Abe's Ordination. Lindsay had no idea what was about to happen while Abe gave her a tour of his college Ala-mater. At the end of the tour Lindsay found a dozen roses setting next to a statue with the ring hidden behind the flowers. At first she did not see the flowers nor the ring. She was very surprised!!! They will be getting married in May 22nd 2010 in Franklin TN. We are very excited to welcome Lindsay into our Hodges family.