Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our lives after Jack

These days the only things we do are go to work and and play with Jack. He is getting bigger and starting to pounce around all over the place. Justin and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and all of the sudden Jack started going crazy. I hope you enjoy our cute puppy.

You can't really see inside his crate but you can hear a thumping sound. That is Jack jumping around and hitting the side of his crate.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jack playing


Justin and I are the new proud owners of the cutest Miniature Schnauzer.

Jack is 6 weeks old and weights only 3 and a half pounds. He had his first vet visit today and he has a clean bill of health. Justin and I are working very hard to get him crate trained but it's off to a slow start. We have only had him for two days and the first night he woke up three times during the night but last night he slept through the night. So we are very happy about that. He spends most of the day sleeping but we are trying to keep him awake so he will sleep at night. He is to little that he can only run around for just a little while before he just falls onto the ground, exhausted.

Right after his first bath
All Justin and I want to do is play with him. I brought Jack to Justin office so everyone could see him and all he wanted to do was sleep in Justin's bosses arms. It was so cute. He was so scared because of all the people. I tried to put him on the floor so he could walk but he just laid down and went to sleep. He does not have good traction on our floors at home so when he walks he is always slipping and I wanted to show Justin's office how cute it is but Jack did not want to have any part in it. It is the cutest thing!!

His favorite place to be is snuggled up close to your arms with his head hanging over.I know I have said is over and over but he is the cutest thing ever.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

French Open

About a year ago Justin and I fell in love with the wonderful game of tennis. When a major tennis tournament is going on something comes over us and we put everything aside a focus on that major tournament. Like all sports we have our favorites. Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer are by far our top two favs. After the two greats, I am partial to Andy Murray, Robby Ginepri ( for the record, I have meet Robby), Andy Roddick, and of course the Williams sister.

I took this picture in New York!!

For the past few days Justin and I have been glued to either the TV or the computer watching the French Open. We were both very sad to see Nadal lose in the fourth round. However, this makes it very easy for us to get behind Federer and cheer him on to his 14th major title. Justin and I love to play tennis any chance we get. I have even beaten Justin a few times. I am getting better and better. Justin and I have a new life goal to go to all four major tennis tournaments. We are going to start with the US Open next year or maybe the French Open I am not sure yet. I hope everyone will be cheering for Roger Federer as he goes for his 14th major title.