Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another year older

This post is also two months old. Just know I am working hard to get everything updated. It is just taking longer than I wanted it to.

On April 20th my brother, Stan and I celebrated our birthday. Stan and I have never missed being together on our birthday and this year was no exception. Last year Justin and I went and visited Stan in Waco, TX. You can read about that trip here. This year he was able to come here so we could celebrate. He and his girlfriend drove in late Tuesday night before our birthday.

Justin woke me up that morning with two gifts - one an Anthropologie gift card and the other the Michael Jackson Experience Dance game. Justin had to go to work so Stan, his girlfriend and I leisurely got ready played a few rounds of my new game and then met Justin in Jackson for lunch. Stan let me pick the place we would eat lunch and I chose my favorite place, Bon Ami. We spent the rest of the day shopping around and playing the Michael Jackson Experience Dance game. I LOVE it!! That night we cooked dinner and ate at home and Justin went to Newk's and got two pieces of Strawberry cake. It was a great day!

That weekend just so happened to be Easter so Stan and his girlfriend went to my parents the day after our birthday and Justin and I joined them that weekend. We really didn't do much at my parents house just played outside and relaxed.

On Sunday everyone came to my house for Easter lunch. I love having people over and it was fun cook dinner for my family. The sad part was that Stan and his girlfriend left. All in all it was a great birthday week/weekend.

These eggs were dyed by the college students from our college small group. I think they did a great job and they had fun doing it too.

Monday, June 20, 2011


On Monday April 18th, (I know that was two months ago) I started a new job at followell|fotography. I was not necessarily looking to leave MC, but there are times when the Lord just drops an opportunity into your lap and very clearly opens a door, and this seemed to be one of those times. I loved working at MC mainly because it gave me the opportunity to get to know a lot of college students, and the webmaster (who worked just down the hall from me) is pretty hot, but there were a lot of times when it was rather difficult as well.

When the opportunity to work at followell|fotography was presented to me, I knew it was from the Lord. Those of you who know Robby know that he is an amazing photographer. We have been grateful recipients of a few photo sessions with Robby - our favorite being a shoot in New York City. Check out those images here and here. Not many people can say they LOVE their job but since I have been working at followell|fotography, those words have come out of my mouth many times. Who would not love talking about weddings and seeing beautiful pictures all day?

Shortly after getting the job, Justin told me he was jealous of my job for three reasons: 1. I get to work with cool people, 2. I get to work in a really cool environment, and 3. I get to wear jeans to work. I'd have to agree with him that those reasons are definitely close to the top of my "Reasons I Love My Job" list. I really do love my job and I am so grateful that I get to work there.

This is a iPhone pic of the studio. (Yes, I do have a chair...we were just temporarily using it for something else!)

Friday, June 3, 2011

I am such a bad blogger :(

I am starting to notice a trend in my blogging, and I am sure many of you have too. The trend is this... I blog like crazy for a few weeks, slow down a little and them completely stop. I start feeling guilty about not blogging and blog an "I am such a bad blogger post" (case in point) and the cycle starts over. No matter how organized I am or how hard I try I can't break this cycle. A friend said the reason my blogging is so inconsistency is because I am always on the go doing things that I need to blog, so I don't have any time to do the actual blogging.

So, the question is, what do I do? Stop blogging all together or continue in the cycle and hope that things might get better? I could NEVER stop blogging all together. So, I guess the cycle will continue. If you are around me for any length of time you know that I talk about blogging all the time. Currently my camera is full of pictures that I am itching to put on my blog.

Here's hoping that the list of things I want to blog about gets on the blog before I get back in the ugly cycle of not blogging. Wish me luck!