Friday, May 6, 2011

Jack had a friend for the weekend!

A few weeks ago, my parents asked us to keep their dog Max while they went out of town. Jack and Max love playing with each other. Well, Jack loves playing with Max...I'm not sure if Max really likes playing with Jack. Max is also a Miniature Schnauzer and is a great dog who only has only one hang up: he will not go to the bathroom unless he is on a leash. I know most people would love that about their dog - don't get me wrong it is great. However, we have trained Jack to go outside in the backyard to do his business without being on a leash. Max will go outside and play and sniff around, but unless he is on a leash, he will not go to the bathroom. It is annoying at at 6:00 in the morning or when it's raining.

Minus the whole leash thing, Max is easy to have around, especially when he is entertaining Jack. I know this might sound weird but they really do have a great time playing together. Whenever they are together, they play so much that it gets annoying. I really can't explain it but I am hoping the pictures help you to understand how hard they play with each other. They have ripped apart many toys playing together.

I can't say for sure but I do think that Jack was sad when Max left.