Sunday, December 6, 2009

Up Dates !!!

Well, I am hoping that this coming year I will be better and up dating our blog. With that said, here is one big up date from the Garcia family. Well Hodges/Garcia family.

At the end of September Abe proposed to Lindsay Holmes on the campus of Mississippipi College in Clinton. Abe and Lindsay came from KY for Abe's Ordination. Lindsay had no idea what was about to happen while Abe gave her a tour of his college Ala-mater. At the end of the tour Lindsay found a dozen roses setting next to a statue with the ring hidden behind the flowers. At first she did not see the flowers nor the ring. She was very surprised!!! They will be getting married in May 22nd 2010 in Franklin TN. We are very excited to welcome Lindsay into our Hodges family.

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  1. I am so impressed you updated this!!!!

    Also, I didnt know they were getting married in Franklin, TN. That will be so pretty!!