Thursday, March 10, 2011

Au Revior

Many of you might not know that Justin and are leaving for Paris tomorrow on a mission trip. Now before you start thinking "Right...I'm sure you are going on a 'mission trip' to Paris...", let me tell you a little about what we will be doing. First, we will be working with a minority people group sharing with them the story of Christ. We have been told that many of the people we will be working with have never heard, experienced, or lived in the freedom that only Christ can give. This brings me to my first request: please pray that each person who has the opportunity to speak with this people group would be filled with the Spirit. I know that I am nervous about what to say to someone who tells me that they have no idea who Jesus is. We will also be working with missionaries, doing whatever they ask us to do, such as working with the woman's literacy classes, helping them in their bookstore, and encouraging their church through manual labor...really just doing whatever they ask.

Justin and I are very excited about this opportunity and would greatly appreciate your prayers. I know that the Lord is going to Shine!!!!

I will give a full report once I return. So until then Au Revior!!

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  1. Paris is such a dark, lost place...I know his light will shine through you and Justin and the whole team.