Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oxygen in the House

A few weeks ago Justin's mom came for a visit. With her, she brought along a few plants for Justin's office at work and for our house. She is great at gardening and has a very "green thumb" - something neither Justin nor I have. We have talked about getting plants for our house for a while, but have never done anything about it - in part because we didn't want to spend the money on plants that would probably only live for about a month because of our lack of botanical expertise.

I have tried over the past four years to keep numerous plants alive in our house, but for some reason I am just not very good at it. Perhaps I water them too much (or not enough), or give them too much light (or not enough). Up to this point, the only plant that I have a good job of keeping alive is the plant I have at work. It's one of those plants that you find in almost everyone office that needs very little water and no sunlight. Over the Christmas break it did nearly die, but fortunately I was able to bring it back to life (though it did lose a lot of leaves and it is not as green as it once was).

So anyways, when Justin's mom brought us all these plants I was really excited to have some plants in our home again have the chance to try and better my plant management skills. She gave us three different plants, and while shopping for pots I found a plant that I have been wanting to put into our guest bathroom to add some life to it. I hear that moisture is good for this type of plant, so the bathroom is a great place for this little guy.

I'll admit that I am a little nervous to share this with everyone because if the plants don't live very long...well, everyone will know how bad of a gardner I really am. ButI am going to do my best to keep all four of our new plants alive and growing for as long as I can. We'll see how it turns out!

This is in Justin's office a home.

This is the new plant in our guest bathroom. I just love the delicate look of this plant.

This plant has not found a home yet. I am still moving it around trying to find the best place for it.

This picture does not show the real size of this plant. I am hoping that this one lives.

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