Friday, August 26, 2011

School Back in Session

I have to say we love it when school starts back. When you live in a college town and work at a college (as Justin does), you notice a difference when the students are here.

The title of this post actually means a little more than just having students back on campus this year. Justin had decided it is time to get his masters. I have been telling him for three years he needed to get his masters since a perk of working at MC is they will pay for you to take up to three classes a year. There was no reason for him to not use this opportunity to get this masters. Right?

When he first started working at MC he did look into getting his masters, but was unsure of what he should get it in. Since he does do some freelance on the side and has taken a bit more interest in business, he felt that getting him MBA would be the best option. I am sure many of you are thinking MBA? Really? Well, I think Justin would be the best person to explain why he choose to get his MBA. Take it away Justin.


Why the heck not?

No seriously, that's almost my real answer. But not really though. The real answer goes a little something like this: As an undergrad, my major was originally Management Information Systems. My sophomore year I started taking some business classes - economics and business law, to be specific. I hated them. I dropped economics, drudged through business law and changed my major to Information Technology.

Since entering the working world, however, I've actually developed an interest in business. I can see how business topics actually apply and why they matter. I'm interested in learning and I feel it would benefit me down the road.


Well, that should clear up any wondering questions as to why a computer guy is getting his MBA. We are both very excited about this and know that it will be a great thing for us. Please be praying for us as Justin goes back to school and I get use to living with a husband who is taking classes.

P.S. Hope you all enjoy some of my favorite pictures of Justin.

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