Thursday, March 22, 2012

Symmetry in the Bedroom

When we decided it was time to redo our room I was over the moon with excitement. I took out my notebook of home/life inspiration and started showing Justin everything I liked. I think I might have overwhelmed him just a little. I also went a little over the top by researching everything I wanted for the room. Almost everyday I would show Justin something I thought would look good in our room. He was nice enough to appease me and say that he liked whatever it was that I was showing him or he would in the nicest way possible say that he really didn't like it. I think he is over it now because when I show him something he just says "I am not sure, let's just wait a little longer."

I thought we should pick everything we wanted for the room, save, and get it one piece of furniture at a time. It made sense to me, but Justin thinks differently. He felt and still does feel that we should get one thing at a time and see what it looks like in our room and then move on to something else. I have come to agree with him but not after a lot persuading on Justin's part.

Now on to the symmetry of the our room. When it came time to make our next purchased Justin and I both agreed the next thing we should get was nightstands. Our old ones just weren't cutting it anymore. You can't really see our nightstand in the picture but you can see that they are two different sizes and shapes.

When we first started talking about the nightstands we decided that we didn't want our dressers and nightstands to match. It would have been easier to just get a whole new bedroom suite, but we wanted to mix things up. So I started my search. I came across many nightstands that I liked but none that I loved. Then one day I found these. Justin approved and we ordered! It was just that easy!!

I never told Justin, but I was a little nervous about the color. It is always a gamble when you order something online. However all that changed when I saw this at my door.

I quickly tore open the boxes and left this mess for Justin to clean up. I was so excited to get the old nightstands out of the room and get our new ones in place.

The color is perfect and they look great in our room. My old nightstand had a really small drawer and Justin's had two big drawer. This drawer is deep and is great for storing books, chapstick, a book light, notebooks, and pens. I love the shelf for my puzzles. I know I'm a dork who likes to do puzzles before going to sleep.

Finally, a full shot of the symmetry in our room (which has been five years in the making!). I love how the nightstands look in the room. I can't wait to keep going with the room.

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