Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Trip to Atlanta

For some time now we have wanted to get out of town and spend some time relaxing and enjoying each others company. So a few weeks ago Justin said he wanted to go to Atlanta for the weekend. I was all in - not only for all the wonderful shopping that i was looking forward to, but also for all the friends that we would get to see. Justin started looking at our calendars and saw that the weekend of Valentine's would work. We decided to take off the following Monday and possibly Tuesday.

Justin made all the reservations for where we would stay on Sunday night and where we would eat. On the Thursday before we were to leave the weather forecasted snow for Friday. We both hoped that it would snow so we could have a five day weekend. We found out late Thursday night that our offices would be closed. We were both very excited not only for the snow but for the long weekend we would have.

While in Atlanta we shopped (Justin was a great sport while I shopped), saw friends, went to the Georgia Aquarium (Justin had never been), ate lots of good food, and got a lot of much needed rest. It was a great Valentines weekend!!

I posted a few pictures we took at the aquarium along with the view from our hotel.

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