Friday, February 12, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I know that everyone is freaking out about the snow because I am one of them. Yes, we all know that other parts of the country has this kind of weather all the time. However, in Mississippi this is something that only happens once every six or more years. So just look outside and enjoy the fact that you are able to experience this kind of beauty in Mississippi.

Last night before I went to bed I saw the snow starting to accumulate on our deck outside. I really didn't think much about it because I just thought that it would stop something during the night and we would just have really wet streets and maybe a little dusting on the ground.

Was I wrong!!! I woke up at 6:30 becuase Jack was ready to get up so we put him in another room so we could get more sleep since the office was closed at MC. I looked outside and saw that it was more than just a dusting but it was still dark and I really couldn't see much. I went back to sleep for about two more hours. We laid in bed for a little while longer and shortly thereafter realized that the power had gone out. We got up and that is when I saw the beautiful snow covering my backyard. You would have thought I was a kid!! It was so breathtaking. I have seen snow before in Colorado, New York, and Russia but this was in my own backyard. I was speechless!!Everything was covered!!

You really can't read it but at 8:45 we had 3 inches

After playing in the snow for a little bit we went our to our friends' house. They are RD's at MC so we were able to see MC covered in snow. After one failed attempt at making a snowman we went inside to warm up and have coffee. Once we had defrosted we went back outside and walked around the campus. Students were all over the place making snowmen and trying sled down the hills. Everyone was out playing and taking pictures.

Everything looked beautiful covered in snow!

Even Jack enjoyed playing in the snow.


  1. I LOVE IT! Its so pretty Sally!!! I liked the measuring tape pic, we did that too :)

    AND I am glad to see jack liked it....Piper sure doesnt like it that much!!!! Wish I could see Jack in our snow, it would be hilarious!!!

    Loved the pics I cant believe how much yall got!!!! I leave and THEN yall get snow :) Miss you lots and lots #2!

  2. Yey for all the pretty snow! Jack looks so cute running around :)