Friday, July 23, 2010

College Reunion



As everyone knows, the college years are some of the best years of your life. It is in college that you meet people with whom you form life-long friendships.  Once college is over everyone starts to think about what they are going to do after graduation...some go back to school to pursue a graduate degree, some get married and look for the perfect career, while others just don’t know that to do.  But for everyone, there comes a point where you must leave the comfort of college and start the next chapter.

For Justin and I, the starting the next chapter meant moving Marietta, Georgia, leaving most of our college friends back in Hattiesburg (minus a couple that had already moved off to various places).  Even though it felt like we were so far away from our friends, we were only a maximum of about six hours away from most of those in our circle of friends, so we still had the opportunity to make a weekend trip back to Hattiesburg or to Birmingham.  After a few years in Georgia we moved back to Mississippi - still only around 3 hours from the Grant's and the Johnson's (though in different directions), and a quick trip down 49 from the McArthur's.  Well, about a year after our move back to Mississippi, McArthur's packed up and moved to New York state, and just a few months after that the Grant's packed up and moved to Washington, D.C.

And as fun as it may have been, a quick weekend trip to New York or Washington were pretty much out of the question.
As it turns out, just a few weeks ago the Grant's were in town visiting families, as were the McArthur's.  When we found out that everyone would be in the within about two hours of each other around the same time, we made plans to all get together.  The Garcia's, Grant's (minus Matthew), Johnson's (from New Orleans), and the McArthur's all met together at Kelly’s parent's house for some long-overdue hang out time. There is nothing like getting together with friends who at times know you better than you know yourself.

We had a great time together and are already looking forward to our next visit.


The girls play guitar hero.


We had a good time playing “The Last Word”

 IMG_2445 IMG_2446

Time to put Addison on display. Don’t let her expressions fool you she loves taking pictures.

IMG_2450 IMG_2453  IMG_2459  IMG_2461 IMG_2465 IMG_2467 IMG_2470  0 IMG_2481IMG_2484


  1. AW GREAT BLOG SALLY!!! Makes me get excited about the next time the gang gets together! So far we have all held true to the once a year get together!

    Cant wait for OCTOBER!!! love, love, love!

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Miss you all, maybe I'll see you around for a football game this season?? Have a good weekend :)