Monday, July 12, 2010

Sip ‘N’ See


This weekend I hosted a Sip 'n' See for my friends Kelly, Matthew and Addison with the help Krista, and Kelly's mom Laurie. If you are not familiar with a Sip 'n' See let me explain: A Sip 'n' See is kind of a post-facto baby shower where folks come over to "sip" some punch and "see" the new baby.

A few months after Kelly found out she was pregnant she and Matthew moved to DC, so there was no time to throw Kelly a baby shower. When Krista (Kelly's best friend from high school) and I found out that we would not be able to give Kelly a shower we were both really sad, but leave it to Krista to save the day. Krista suggested that we have a Sip 'n' See. I was not familiar with this so I went to the internet a did some research and it was settled: Krista and Sally where planning another party.

With the help of Kelly's mom we put together a wonderful Sip 'n' See for sweet Addison. Let me rephrase that: BECAUSE of Kelly's mom we where able to put together a wonderful Sip 'n' See. Before I say anything else I have to give Kelly's mom Laurie all the credit. She cooked all the wonderful food and got everything we needed to make the Sip 'n' See wonderful. Thanks Laurie!!!! Trying to plan any party when the three hostesses are living in three different cities in two different states was not as hard that I thought. Krista and I are familiar with this kind of party planning. We all added our on special touches to the shower and it all turned out perfect. We are so glad that we got to send time with Kelly and Matthew and meet sweet Addison.






My first attempt to make a diaper cakeIMG_2412IMG_2405  IMG_2408IMG_2406 Krista made these delicious  cookies





The guys playing a little foosballs and Guitar Hero IMG_2424

IMG_2425IMG_2427IMG_2433IMG_2428IMG_2429The hostess with Kelly and Addison IMG_2430

We all love Addison  IMG_2432

The happy couple!!!


  1. Woohoo! I feel EXACTLY the same way about all of it :) Laurie did SUCH fabulous job! :) Your pics are awesome :) Great post!

    How do ya like Windows Live Writer?

  2. Yay! It was the bestest! Thanks for was wonderful! We need to trade pics...cause you have some cute ones! Can't wait for part two of partying thurs!

  3. You guys did wonderful!!! Everything looks great!!

  4. I hopped on over from Borchard Bliss!!! It looks like it was a wonderful party and I am so glad that little Addison could be so joyfully celebrated :). With parents as wonderful as hers, she is sure to leave a mark on this world!