Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Front Door Makeover

Our front porch has been in need of a little makeover for a while. Since we are not out in the front yard all that often I don't notice how bad it has been looking until we were getting ready to have people over. At that point it is a little to late to do anything about it.

Now, we do have a wreath on our door along with a potted plant and some sort of seasonal decor welcoming you to our home. But, it's been this way pretty much since we moved here and after living in our home for almost two years, I was ready to make some changes. Just because I am not outside looking at my front porch does not mean I can't make it look nice for others, right?

This whole front porch makeover will take place in phases. I was going to paint the front shutters as well as do some other things to the front porch but this post will only be about the front door.

A few months back I got this square moss wreath and was really excited to hang it on the front door. I wish I could say that I made it myself, but I didn't. It hung on my door for about a month with nothing on it. I knew I wanted to get a bow made to go in the corner but never got around to it. This is what it looked like for about a month (sad...I know).

About a month ago I finally went to a florist and got some summer colored ribbon. I have not mastered the art of bow-making so I handed the ribbon over to my friend Aimee and she made me a beautiful bow. As soon as I got the bow home, I hung it on the wreath. I loved the new look but still thought something else was needed.

After talking with a few friends and looking at the new treads I decided I needed to put our initial in the middle of the wreath. I went on a search for the letter "G". I found one at Hobby Lobby and got it, along with a small can of spray paint. I spent some time thinking about what color I should use. At first I thought about a nickel color, but I thought that it might not show up very well again the frosted glass on the door. I looked for a color that would match our somewhat burnt red door and found a very close match. I painted the G and added it to the wreath with some fishing line. It now looks a lot better than the above picture.

What is so great about this wonderful new wreath is that I can change the bow depending on the seasons. I already have my fall bow ready, and can't wait to make the change. Be on the lookout for the new bow sometime in late September or October!

The front door stayed like this for about a month until I found this new doormat at Crate and Barrel this past weekend. As soon I as saw it in the store I new that it would look so cute welcoming our guests to our home.

This was an easy update that really made a big difference. While I was outside admiring the new doormat I noticed that out house numbers looked awful. The first thing I thought about was just replacing them. It would only be around $15.00 and would really update the door. Well, before heading to Home Depot I thought ...what if I just spray painted them? So I went to Wal-Mart and got a $3.00 can a nickel colored spray paint. I took the numbers off and give them a quick wash and after letting them dry...

So this is the finished product. Like I said this was only a front door make over but stay tuned for a whole porch redo. I hope you enjoy this mini makeover!!


  1. WHAT!?!? How did I miss this!! It looks GREAT!

  2. “What is so great about this wonderful new wreath is that I can change the bow depending on the seasons.” -- Exactly what's on my mind! And along with the wreath customizations, you can also change the door's painting occasionally, since it makes a really striking background. Painting the door also functions as an additional protection to it. ;] -->Rodney