Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A High School Graduation

May was a month full of travel for us. The weekend after my brother's graduation we traveled to Atlanta to celebrate the high school graduation of a family friend. We arrived in Atlanta on Thursday afternoon. After spending some time reconnecting with the Fosters we headed out to dinner. There are many reason I love going to Atlanta and the Fosters are one of them. We are like family and it is never a dull moment when we are all together. I think another reason why I love spending time with them is because we are always doing fun girl stuff. When you grow up being the only girl you don't always get to spend your days going shopping and getting your nails done - which is what we did Friday. How could we allow Daly to graduate without having a morning of pampering with some manicures and pedicures? Sorry...I didn't get any pictures because the day was full of running errands.

Now on to the graduation. I have not thought about my high school graduation in 9 years. I guess I was just so excited to be done with high school. Don't get me wrong I have thought about my high school days many times over the last nine years, but I never really think back to my graduation day. However, during this graduation old memories came back to me of my own graduation. It was great to take a walk down memory lane. During the commencement, Daly gave a speech to honor her teachers, which she did a great job with. After the ceremony there was a reception. It was fun/weird watching all the seniors taking pictures together and talk about what they were going to do over the summer and where they would be attending college. Weird, because I seem like yesterday I was doing the same thing.

My camera was acting weird so forgive me for the pictures.

Saturday was a another great day. Most of the morning was spent getting ready for the graduation party Daly and two of her friends would have that night at the house. Well, in all honesty it was the guys that spent most of the morning getting things ready. The girls went around town looking for candles to put on the tables and other things for the party. After everything was ready Justin, Abe, Lindsay, and I decided it was time to head downtown to shop.This is off topic but I just have to say that I really miss the shopping in ATL. When we got back home everything was set up and the party was about to start. Everything about the party was great. I am so glad we were able to be there for Daly.

It was a wonderful weekend celebrating with Daly and her family. We are all so proud of her!! She will be following her mothers foot steps and will be attending Auburn in the fall. My parents are big Mississippi State fans so I am sure there will be some tailgating when State and Auburn play each other in September. I will be cheering for State that day.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those girls are so grown up!!!