Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HELP our Friends!

I am writing to ask...plead...beg...pester you to help our friends win a kitchen makeover. If any of you have ever entered a contest where the number of votes you get determine if you win or not, you know how important this is! Justin and I helped them out a few weeks ago by making a video with them for the contest. So by voting for them, you would also be showing us love too. :) Here is how you can help them win a kitchen makeover.

1. Go here
2. "Like" the page
3. Click "Allow Access"
4. Click "Allow"
5. Click "Browse Entries"
6. Click on the Woods video and give them 5 stars.

August 4th is the deadline so please vote before then!

I know there are many steps to the but please take the time and vote for them. The video is funny if I do say so myself. Also, make sure you only vote for the Wood's video not anyone else's! You are only able to vote once so make it count.

Your vote is greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks you so much for your vote!

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