Friday, January 6, 2012

Around our Kitchen

Our kitchen is coming together very nicely. Now that we are done with the hard part (sanding, removing wall paper, and painting) we can move on to shopping for new furniture. When we started looking for new furniture we knew we wanted a white breakfast table and maybe some yellow or red chairs. I wanted to keep our kitchen open and fresh. We had a dark table in the kitchen before so we knew we wanted our new table to be white. After searching every store in the metro Jackson area and many online store we found the prefect table.

I had seen many versions of this table in the past few months so I was very excited to find one that would fit into our price point. The white really pops against the blue walls.

However, we kept falling short in the chair department. I did find a few red chairs online but they all looked like they should be in a 50's diner and that was the not look we were going for. As for trying to find a yellow chair, well that wasn't working out either. Since we were doing most of our shopping online we couldn't get a good idea of what color yellow some of the chairs would really be and we didn't want to have to send anything back. We knew we would find a chair we loved but we would have to moved on from the red and yellow chairs and start looking at aluminum/metal chairs. There are many different styles out there these days. After checking all our favorite online stores and comparing prices we landed on these.

We love them! They are a little cold in the morning. We are looking for cushions but holding off until we have our curtains in place.

After finding the table and chairs we moved on to looking for some kind of storage that would double as a place for us to put our keys and mail. I spent a lot of time looking online and in many antique stores trying to find the perfect piece of furniture that would fit the small space. I wanted something different than just another table. Since we started redoing our kitchen I have been on the lookout for a piece of furniture that would fit under our family calendar. I kept falling short in my search and almost gave up, but I was excited when I found this bookcase. The color is white and it looks a lot better than this wood color.

I had never given any thought putting a bookcase in the kitchen but when I saw this one, I thought it would be perfect for cook books, keys, and our mail.

During my online searching I'm always coming across great finds. This cube shelf was one of those great finds. Knowing I needed something to go on a wall next to the sink, my initial thought was to just put up some artwork, but when I saw this I changed my mind. This now houses some of our coffee mugs, and some other kitchen stuff.

Now, onto OUR kitchen. Here is what our kitchen looks like now. We are still needing curtains and a few other things but other than that, its done. Justin and I are really happy with how everything turned out.

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