Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Party Garcia Style

Sometime back in June Justin asked me if we could host a Christmas party. Of course I would not pass up a opportunity to host a party. Fast forward a few months and Justin still wanted to host the party, but didn't want to plan anything about the party except that he wanted to have hot chocolate and apple cider. In September we set the date of the party and I started working on the menu. It was so fun planning everything. I'm thinking this might be an annual thing.

I did have help in the form of a Christmas elf, that goes by the name Katie Boles. I could not have planned and cooked everything for the party without her help. The day of the party Justin did help me clean up the house but not before he forgot about his marketing final exam (which is an entirely separate story in itself). Needless to say, when he realized he had missed his exam he emailed the professor, she was nice enough to let him take it later in the day. Good for Justin...bad for me since he would be gone. That is when my Christmas elf came and saved the day. Katie got to the house around 10:30 and stayed until after midnight. Katie you are the best!!

I can only speak for Justin and myself, but we had a great time and thought the party went well. Here are some of our party guests and the delicious spread we served.

We had an ornament making station set up in the office.

Justin's must have - Hot Chocolate Bar

Katie my wonderful Christmas elf (and Jack)!! We couldn't have done this without her.

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