Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all!

YEA.... It's Fall!!

YEA.... It's Fall!!

The weather is finally changing and now I feel like Fall is really here. I have to say that Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the colder weather, the smells of fall - spiced pumpkin, cider, and fires burning, love getting out my crock pot and cooking chili and roast and tomato soup and grilled cheese. I also love tights, boots, scarfs, and hats, all things that keep me warm during the fall. With all of that said, I think I love decorating my house for the fall the most.

I try to keep my decor for Halloween and Thanksgiving the same. We of course carve a pumpkin and it goes out on the front porch, but that is just about all of the Halloween decor I put out. Instead, I fill my tables with small pumpkins, gourds and some foliage. I do replace my Jack-O-Lantern with a cute scarecrow.

I hope you enjoy the decor I put up this year.

This is a new addition. I saw this at a gift shop when I was with my mom a few weekends ago. I thought it was really cute. I know our mail box needs a little work but that will have to come later.
My front porch!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I will be blogging about our Halloween weekend later this week so keep your eye open for the cutest turtle ever...