Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

I know I am a little late posting about our Halloween events, but better late than never, right? Our Halloween weekend was really busy but really fun. I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves, but I want to give a little background. I had to come up with three different costumes this year. One for my Bunko group, another for a Halloween/Birthday party, and the last for a college small group bowling party.

I started the Halloween festivities off with a Halloween themed Bunko night. In attendance that night we had two cowboys, a bee, Hello Kitty, two doctors, Alice in Wonderland, an old lady, Mother Christmas, a spider web (me), a Stepford wife, and a spooky teacher. We had a great time and ended the night eating some really good ghost cake.

While I was at Bunko, Justin worked on our pumpkin. Last year Justin wowed me with the Southern Miss pumpkin. I was very impressed!! This year we thought long and hard about what our pumpkin should look like. We could not think of anything quite as good as last year but Justin did you a great job carving the spooky house on this years pumpkin.

This is the pumpkin that Justin carved for us last year.

This years pumpkin, bats and a scary house.
We had a Halloween/Birthday party on Saturday night, unofficially dubbed Birthoween. It was really run. We all dressed up, carved pumpkins, had cake, and watched Ghostbusters. Justin went as Steve Jobs and I went as Elle Woods.

If you didn't guess it Justin carved the Apple logo. The pumpkin that won was the Fleur De Lis. I guess there was a lot of Saints fan at the party and not as many Apple fans.

The silly string finally came out.
Singing to the Birthday girl!!
I love this pic because all the pumpkins are lined up in front of the garage.

Of, course I had to dress Jack up for Halloween. He is just too cute to not. Last year Jack was a Jack-O-Lantern, this year he was Turtle. I don't think he liked being the custom. I made him wear it all night (well not the hat but the shell). He is just too cute.

To end the Halloween weekend we had a college small group bowling party. Not only did they ask us to come dressed up, but they asked us to dress as a group. I went to Google for inspiration and found the perfect idea - we would dress up as Tetris pieces. Justin and I gathered all the materials and invited the group over on Saturday to make the costumes. I think they turned out great. We had a great time bowling with all the other small groups. I think our costumes were the best (I am not biased).

Another small group leader, oh and by the way this is not his costume. He really dresses like this.
Beth Ann showing off her bowling skills.

Sweet Lyndsey, AKA Tinker Bell!!


  1. Cute costume idea Sally. And that IS the cutest turtle ever!

  2. Sally look at my form! I should have beaten everyone! So excited I made the blog!!! woohoo!