Saturday, April 16, 2011

Going out with a Twist

I hope that the title of this post is not offensive to anyone. If it is I apologize. It was just so witty I couldn't resist! Yesterday was my last day working at MC. I will be starting a new job on Monday and I will tell more about that next week. This post we will be about the events that made up my last day at work.

The day started out like any other day. I got up, did my normal morning routine, and went to work. Being that it was my last day, I had a long list of things I needed to get done before turning in my key. I got to work and starting checking things off my to-do list. There was talk around the office of bad weather coming our way, but some thought it would pass over us. I had no idea about the potential bad weather because Justin and I had been painting out kitchen cabinets in the evening and not paying much attention to the local news. Read about that here and here.

Around 1o:30 or so the tornado sirens starting going off, so everyone in the office went down to the basement, thinking it would last for a little while then back to work we would go. When we first got down there everyone was greeting each other and watching the weather and looking out the windows. Yes, it was raining, dark, and windy, but when you are around a lot of people I think scary situations are not so bad because you are distracted. For a while it was just dark and rainy. I thought for sure that within the hour we would be back to work. I was wrong. Around 11:30 or so the sirens starting going off again and then the power went out. This is a sweet friend Daniel Mortimor who took this picture of us to celebrate my last day at MC. It s blurry because well it was pitch black in the room.

While we were all waiting to see what had happened we got word that a tornado had touched down across the interstate less than a mile from MC. I believe we were down in the basement for about an hour and a half or so before were told we could go back to our offices. The problem with that was we still didn't have power. I went up to the third floor and tired to finish my to-do list. Most of the stuff I need to do was on the computer but without power, well, it was impossible.

We all thought that since we didn't have power that they would be spending us home soon or that the power would come back. I finished what I could and them we just sat around the office talking and answering the phone (at this point our cell phones would not send or receive calls or text messages but the landlines were still working). I will refrain from being negative about the fact that we were made to stay all most all day without power. Being that it was my last day, I packed up my desk and around 2:30 I turned in my key and left! Needless to say, it was a very eventful last day at MC!

When I got home I got on the computer and searched for video of the tornado. This is what I found. I had no idea this was going on just a mile away from where I was. It is very scary and just goes to justify my reasoning for being afraid of bad weather. I am blessed to say that Justin and I did not have any damage and never went without power.

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