Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Progess--Kitchen Update

It has been two weeks since we started updating our kitchen. Let me rephrase that: it has been two long weeks since we started updating our kitchen. It is a slow process since we only work after 4:30, when we get home from our regular jobs. We are still not done, but we are so much closer. Here is a reminder of what our kitchen looked like before we started doing anything to it.

Our progress...
It is no secret how much I hate wall paper. I know that back in the 80's it was the hottest thing in home decorating. I hear that it might be coming back, I really hope not! Either way, we will not be putting wall paper in our house any time soon. I am sure wall paper can look great when its in a modern color and the print is not overwhelming. The first thing we did to our kitchen was remove the ugly wall paper border. It was not a long process (thank goodness) but it did take us a day to get it all off and to clean the walls. Here is an "in progress" picture of us removing the border. I know that this might sound a little crazy but I think our kitchen looks bigger without the wall paper.

The next step we took toward our new kitchen was painting the walls. This is by far the easiest part. We taped off the cabinets in a matter of minutes and started primed the walls, the trim around the doors and the baseboards. We then painted the walls a light blue-ish grey color called "Breezy" and that was it. I didn't get any pictures of our walls painted because we had a little trouble with our memory card. But take my word for it, it looks good.

After the walls had some time to dry and we had a good night sleep, we started the daunting task of painting the cabinets. Before we even poured the first drop of paint we had a well thought out plan as to how we wanted this process to look. However, that was quickly thrown out the window when we stated painting. The first step was to removed all the doors, hinges, and knobs. This was the easy part until our drill battery died and we had to do it by had. Think about it, each door had 10 screws and we had 20 doors. So I am thinking we unscrewed about 150 screws by hand. I was not a very happy camper while doing it and was thinking how easy it would have been if we would have just charged the dumb battery. There is a picture of all the hinges, screws, and knobs. The angle this picture was taken does not show how big the pile really was, just take my word for it. The pile includes; 20 hinges, over 200 screws, and 28 knobs.

This is Justin using the drill when the battery was working
Once, we had removed all the hinges and knobs, we cleaned the doors and the framework of the cabinets. We laid all the cabinets on the floor and wiped them down with a warm damp sponge. Needless to say our house has been over run with our kitchen. More on that later.

At this point in the project we were super excited!!! Notice how I said "were" that's because as of right now we are further along in having a freshly painted kitchen, but still not done. I think the project will still only take us 21 days but we have thrown the schedule out the window. Our kitchen is looking great and will do my best to get another update posted really soon.

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  1. YES...keep updating...I like feeling like I am there!!!! Looking good so far! Can I see the new hardware??