Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas in the house!

I know I am really late writing this post, since I have taken down all my Christmas decor, but I still wanted to show some of the Garcia Christmas decorations. I am sad to say that I really didn't decorate as much as I did last year. I blame this on a few things: 1. I didn't start decorating until the week after Thanksgiving. 2. We were out of town a lot during the break.

A little background...This year Justin and I got a new artificial tree. The one we had before was a hand-me-down from my parents. Justin really wanted a real tree and I wanted a fake one, but the "fake" tree won when we found a great looking PRE-LIT tree. I have to say that not putting light on the tree this year really made decorating it much more enjoyable (the same with for taking it down).

I hope you enjoy the limited pics of my tree and front porch.

This year we filled our tress with red and sliver ornaments.

This is one of two ornaments that we not red and sliver, we got this on our honeymoon.
This is the other one, we got this on our first trip to NYC for our first anniversary.

Our front door. I still get excited when it's time to change the bow!

Our front porch
These are all the pictures I have of our home decorated for Christmas. I know it's not much but that was all I was able to get done. Next year I plan on making up for this year. Well, this year I plan on making up for last year. Haha!!

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  1. I love the outdoor displays you do!! You are so good with your holiday decor!