Friday, January 21, 2011

Unexpected storage

I love using items in unexpected ways - like this great organizing tool. As many of you know, I love office/school supplies. When I was young, my favorite part of school was getting new school supplies and getting them all organized. Now that I am done with school I have no real need for lots of supplies, but that does not stop me.

A few years ago I downsized my desk at home and lost a lot of storage for all my supplies. This was sad because I was not ready to part with my supplies, so I purchased some baskets to store them in. Yes, this caused our office to be overrun with all kinds of random baskets and boxes. Eventually, Justin told me that I should just get rid of some stuff. Not wanting to part with my colored staples, colored pencils, and all the other fun things that I have collected over the past few years, I searched for something to put all my supplies in that would not take up a lot of space and would help me find just what I need without having to dump everything on the ground. What I found was this:

Yes, that is an over the door shoe organizer (in its old life), but now it is the place that I house my glue sticks, note cards, batteries, and so much more. The small clear compartments are great for finding just what you are looking for at a glance.

When I am in need of something I just go to the back of the door and look through the clear pockets and find just what I am looking for. Since I am not longer is school many of the things that I once would have put into my little pockets have changed, but I still love this system for keeping everything organized.

Here is a closer look at what I have in each compartment.

Craft Scissors
Lots of Sharpies
Random Science Stuff and UV Beads,
Colored Staples
Erasers, pencil sharpener, whole punch
Glue and balloons
More craft supplies
Felt for furniture
Paint Markers
Safety Pins
More tape and pencils
Note cards

More Sharpies
Random Supplies

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