Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010

I really wanted to blog about my family Christmas while it was going on, but never got around to writing it. So, here it is a few weeks late. This year my whole family was home for Christmas. Last year Abe and Lindsey were not able to be at my parents on Christmas day so it was so great to have everyone home.

On the 22nd, my parents picked Justin and I up from the airport in Memphis on our way back from NYC (post to follow). When we arrived at their house, my twin brother Stan was just getting there also. We said our hello's and quickly went to sleep because it was late and Justin and I were worn out from our trip.

On the 23rd Abe and Lindsay arrived and the party started! We had a great time just being together. All we really did was hung out and tried to get some cooking and baking done.

On the 24th Christmas Eve Abe woke up with vertigo...not good! Lindsay did her nursing thing and nursed Abe back to health. That night my whole family went to my Mom's parents house where my aunt and cousins were. We had a wonderful dinner and a good time being together. I can't remember the last time all the grandchildren were together in one room. After dinner we headed back home to get ready for Santa but not before almost killing a deer with the car. It was a little scary but no people or deer were hurt. Thank goodness.

My mom's side of the family
All the grand-kids and their spouses and Conner
Growing up my bothers and I always had matching PJ's to wear on Christmas Eve, now just the girls get the cute PJ's. The guys just don't appreciate matching. This year our PJ's had Miniature Schnauzers on them, to honor Max and Jack.

On Christmas morning Jack (our alarm clock) woke us up around 6:45 so my sweet husband got up to let him out. A few minutes later Justin comes back into the room telling me it was snowing. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window! Justin was right it was snowing so I ran into my parents room to wake up my mom. We love snow and get excited very easily. Within a few minutes the whole house was up, though they weren't all quite as excited about it. This was my first white Christmas!
The best picture of the snow on Christmas morning

Once the excitement had died down we started getting our Christmas morning breakfast ready: monkey bread. When we had the first batch in the oven we started opening our gifts. Santa was good to everyone this year, no one got ashes and switches, just clothes, watches, gaming systems, jewelry, kitchen items, and more. Jack even got a new toy and a bandanna from Abe and Lindsey. Later that day Abe, Lindsey, Stan, Justin, and myself thought we could find an open Wal-Mart to make an exchange. Well, we could not find one but we did find and open CVS and went inside and bought lots of junk food. When we arrived back home we started getting ready for our family Christmas dinner.

The rest of the time with my family was filled with playing the Wii and having a great time. I love my family and I am looking forward to the next time the family is able to get together.

I want everyone to notice the cute owl hat that Ella Kate is wearing, I really wish they made these for adults.


  1. Sally, I loved seeing the pic of the whole big family! Everyone looks so good! Made me smile to see the Betty Hodges bows with your matching PJs. I miss you all.
    Cindy S

  2. Sally, great family blog. Thanks for sharing. We need to start thinking about our next family time together. Love you