Monday, January 24, 2011

If you don't succeed DYE again!

As you can see, this was just a little overwhelming

We have been working on decorating our home office for months. The colors we chose for to use are gray, orange and white. For the past few months, it's been just about complete, with the only things that were lacking were curtains and a little side table next to the reading chair. Well, not anymore!!

I had been looking around and thinking about what color and style of curtains I wanted for the office. We have two small windows so I really didn't want to have full length curtains, so my options were very limited.

A few months ago while Justin and I were in Atlanta for a friends wedding and we stopped by Ikea. We really were not looking for anything in particular on this trip but were very happy when we found these bright orange curtains for only $20.00 for two panels. Unfortunately, they were full length panels. However they came with some iron-on adhesive tape so you could adjust the length. I told Justin that we could use one panel for each window and make a valence. So for $20.00 we got them.

They sat in our office for months...really. We didn't have curtain rods and never really thought about picking any up when we went out. During the holiday while in Lowes we found some for $5.00 a pop. Yet again the curtain, along with the new purchased rods, sat in the office for another week. At least we were making some progress.

Finally after many months of sitting in the office the curtains are finally up. YEA!!!!! Hold on was not that easy...we had to dye them first.

You can see just how orange the curtains are when you compare them to a real orange.

When we put them up to see what they would look like we found that the bright orange color was just a little much for our office so off to Walmart I went to get some dye. We got brown and orange, because Justin and I could not agree. We first dyed them brown hoping that they would keep some of the orange color. Unfortunately it didn't keep much of the orange color. It was more of a brown orange and not the color that we really wanted. So we tried it again but this time we used the orange dye. The result was a successes.

This is a good picture to show the true color of the curtains.

After dying them twice, I cut them and used the iron on adhesive tape to hem them. The color is just a little darker than I would like but
for only $35.00 for both windows I think they look great. Having the windows done brings us one step closer to having a finished home office.

Not the best picture, I know

Since putting up the curtain, I found the perfect table to go next to my reading chair. The office is now finished. I will be posting about the finished office very soon.

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