Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saying bye to 100 unused things

A few weeks ago I read about someone who was moving and wanted to get rid of 100 things before they moved. So, I starting thinking...I have more than 100 things I could and should get rid of. We are not moving, but I did want to go through our house and get rid of some things that we don't use anymore or have not used since moving into our house over 2 years ago.

I thought this would take only a few days but I was wrong. In doing this I have not only gotten rid of 100 things but have cleaned out our guest room closet, our office closet, our bedroom closet, and just about every other closet in our house. I did my best to keep everything organized but my pile kept growing and became a mess!

This is the itemized list of everything we got/are getting rid of:

Books (6)
Clothes (69 pieces)
Frames (8)
Decorative clock
Wall Art
Candle holders (5)
Window panels ( 4)
Pillows (4)
Sewing Machine
Blankets (3)
Alarm Clock
Vases (2)
Desk Lamp
Workout Bands (2)
Guitar stand
Shoes (5 pair)
Key Holder
Purses (4)
Lunch Box
Scarves (3)
Hats (2)
Beach Ball
Decorative Wall Art
Cookie Sheets (4)
Picnic Blanket
Japanese Learning CD's
Scrapbook Paper
UGA Calendar
Pet Paw Groomer
Over the Sink Rack
Canvas Art Work
Scrapbook Album
Messenger Bag
Shams (2)
Water Bottle
Light Saber (This was Justin's)
Photo Albums (5)
Dog Costume
VHS tape
Dog Rain Coat
X Box and lots of games

Grand Total: 160

I was very pleased with everything that we got rid of. I am still keeping my eyes open for more things that we might not need or use anymore. I feel like this might be something that I try to do once a year but on a smaller scale.
If anyone has ever done this or is thinking about getting rid of things that are not being used let me know.

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